I owned a 100 acre property on North Turkey Creek Road. My late wife, Karen and my two children, Alison and Joseph, will always consider that place home. We built a large Equestrian facility, updated the main house and two old cabins, kept horses in a small barn that became their “vacation destination” and placed a tiny home near that big facility. After living on the property for 15 years, life events caused us to look at selling. Karen and I interviewed a number of real estate brokers and were lucky enough to become affiliated with Kerry Endsley.

In mid 2015, Kerry found a buyer for 40 acres of it, along with the main house, the guest homes and the old barn. It was a difficult property to describe, much less convey, but Kerry sold it for a great price. More than that, this partial sale enabled my late wife and I to continue to operate Aspen Hollow Young Ranchers, Inc. (AHYR), a charity we founded to give troubled Denver area youth a unique experience with horses – 25 of them during the course of our time there – benefiting thousands of kids in the corrections and juvenile justice systems. AHYR ran its course in May 2017, nearly two years after Karen died. In July 2017, Kerry found a buyer for the rest; an Evergreen family with the same passion for the place my family had. That price was also very strong.

I don’t know how Kerry acquired such a keen sense of value for our property and how he attracted the right buyers for my family, but his skills as a real estate broker are without equal. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he lives in the area and loves mountain property living with his neighbors.

Anyone who needs to sell a rural property, especially in the Evergreen and Conifer areas, will tap into an awareness and appreciation of mountain living that benefits parties to real estate transactions. Our need was great and sometimes urgent. I don’t know what we would have done without him, but with him, we maintained our security, continued pursuing our passions and could ultimately move on.