My wife and I recently moved out of state and after living in our Evergreen home for more than 17 years, the time had come for a change. Having known Kerry as a friend and neighbor for several years, we were well aware of his sterling reputation as a broker and custom home builder in Evergreen, CO. So naturally, we chose him to sell our family home. We always knew that Kerry would work hard for us, but i’m not sure he knew just how hard he would have to work for us!

After setting the price for our home, Kerry diligently went to work listing, photographing and marketing our home. Being an older home, naturally, some “touch up” work would need to be done. With his custom home building background, Kerry had every subcontractor necessary to handle our home’s needs at his disposal. From carpeting to touch up painting, Kerry handled everything effortlessly, allowing us to concentrate on packing, moving and eventually buying our new home. If only it were that easy…

A few days before our move in January, we had the pleasure of a main sewer line freezing! As we were on a tight time table for moving, Kerry graciously accepted the task of tracking down the problem, leaving us free to embark on our cross country escapade. As it were, the freeze was conveniently located under several feet of earth, asphalt and retaining walls. Let the good times roll! Kerry, again with his knowledge of the building process, was again able to call on his network of contractors, to include, excavators, plumbers, landscapers and driveway pavers too. Kerry was often in the middle of the rubble too, snapping photo’s to send me updates as things progressed.

In addition to handling this fiasco, Kerry began showing the home, to the tune of 11 showings on the first day alone. While dealing with all of the issues, Kerry was able to put our house under contract, with back up’s, in 5 days. Did I tell you this guy is good?!

I can’t begin to tell you how lucky we were to have Kerry as our broker. I can’t imagine anyone would have worked this hard for us and get the results he did for us. Kerry is the ultimate professional and we were lucky to have him as our agent, but more importantly as our friend.
I whole heartedly recommend Kerry Endsley to help you sell or build your home.